Automated Musicians

This project, conducted during our senior year engineering capstone, aimed to explore automated music generation through programmed music theory and pattern recognition. Divided into three key segments: Musical Algorithms, Pattern Recognition and Extraction, and Music Composition Generator, we sought to develop a system capable of autonomously crafting musically coherent compositions, with each segment building the foundation for the next.

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Student Tracking System

During the 'Software Quality and Project Management' course at UNB, I engaged in a project to streamline school advisors' management of student and course data. The task entailed processing text files into analytics, presented on a dashboard and evaluated through user testing by the class and professor. Utilizing agile scrum, we held pre-class standups for progress reporting and pair programming for feature development, culminating in a robust solution with a full CI/CD pipeline, live hosting, and comprehensive test coverage. This facilitative dashboard led to my recruitment by the professor to expand a similar tool for broader departmental use, transitioning from a class project to a larger-scale initiative.