Student Tracking System

🗒️ Project Overview

The University of New Brunswick's engineering faculty needs a web-based system to monitor student progress, schedules, and enrollments using raw data from student files. Three user types will use this system: Program Advisors for creating personalized student audits and schedules, Program Coordinators for generating various student group reports and rankings, and Accreditation Coordinators for producing accreditation-related reports. Although multiple engineering programs will use the application, only one program coordinator will have access to upload the raw data. With sufficient security, students could also use the system for unofficial progress audits.

😤 Embarking on Development

Initial Phase

In the initial phase of our project, I was new to the realm of web development and the frameworks that were to be employed. Despite my initial unfamiliarity, I was able to contribute to the development of database models essential for data storage. This foundational work was crucial as it laid the groundwork for the more advanced functionalities that were to follow. We decided to use Django as the framework since we were planning on using Python for the backend, and Django is adept at creating web apps using Python, setting a solid foundation for the subsequent phases of the project.


As the project progressed, we unanimously chose to switch the user interface to React, anticipating a more interactive and user-centric experience. At this point, we had achieved several system requirements. Our initial demonstration went well, highlighting the basic functionalities we had accomplished. This milestone reflected our escalating proficiency and the potency of our collaborative efforts.

Final Stretch

As the semester neared its end, we were on the brink of meeting all the outlined requirements. The system had now become adept at producing significant information for advisors, a functionality that was pivotal to the project's goals. The considerable progress we achieved was a testament to the team's hard work and unwavering commitment.

💭 Final Thoughts

Reflecting on this endeavor, it was a rewarding and enjoyable project. The camaraderie and collective effort of a remarkable team made the journey worthwhile. Everyone was eager to share their knowledge, bridging the skill gap, and fostering a culture of mutual growth and accomplishment. Through this project, we not only built a functional system but also forged lasting relationships and acquired invaluable skills that would serve us well in our future endeavors.